The Post War Years (1945-1968)

In August 1945, after Japan had surrendered, the country fell into another post war recession with shortages of everything with 1947 being particularly bad.

But due to their policy of limiting the percentage of total output devoted to Naval work the Company did not follow the trend.

As the war in Europe was being won in 44 and 45 thoughts had started as to what would happen after the war. All the countries resources were directed to re-establishing an export trade again and shipbuilding would play a major part in this.

Much of the merchant shipping had been lost during the war and it wasn’t long after the war that new liners and freighters started sliding into the water. In 1947 the Pretoria Castle was launched. A few months later the Orcades. In October the Cunard Caronia followed.

As a result of the damage done to the utility sector during the war there was a rush of orders to replace damaged equipment or to re-start pre-war building plans.